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We only obsess over relationships that feel unfinished.
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That moment you realize you are Edmund

he almost gets them killed because he wants sweets

we’re still Edmund

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Alternate color versions.

Enjoy ;)

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Rest In Peace Robin Williams - Some Happy Robin Williams Facts To Celebrate His Life!

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Lets Raise our glasses


Lets Raise our glasses

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I don’t like short dresses. I can’t seem to control my expression and legs at the same time, the photos always turn out a mess :( 

Anyway! Flower dress and headpiece are all finished, step by step instructions for this dress can be found on my blog, and a video tutorial for the headpiece is here

The whole thing is sheer, but you can’t really tell because the petticoat is white and i’m very pale ;;

It was designed, drafted, made, and worn by me! Took 16-ish hours to make, spread over a seven day period. Has about sixty dollars worth of fake flowers in it and several yards of silk organza, poly chiffon, and tulle.

I was a fun and easy little project. I enjoyed it.

omg *.* this is so beautiful

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